An heiress? Strangled? In molten chocolate? What’s this book about?

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September 18, 2012 by peterhochstein

Yes! It’s a memoir about the adventures of a young, bewildered, naive, and totally terrified big city newspaper reporter back when journalists were raffish, fast-talking swashbucklers. And when some were almost as creative with the facts they reported as they were with their expense accounts.

Learn why, as a young neophyte, I dove into the business of journalism totally unprepared, and nearly drowned in it. How my crazy mother became frantic, not because I might get killed racing alone to crime scenes in bad neighborhoods at two o’clock in the morning, but because she thought my apartment was embarrassingly small. And how I inadvertently uncovered scandals — from the first sign of a rift between Liz Taylor and Eddie Fisher, to the (deliberately unreported at the time) philandering of John F. Kennedy, to the identity of “terrorists” who were burning crosses on a college campus.

Oh, and also how Idiscovered the private poetry written by an infamous mobster and his drop-dead-gorgeous stripper girlfriend.

And how I uncovered hush-hush news about the spy whose father came in from Virginia.

But there’s still more.

There was the human zoo of misbehaving reporters at Brooklyn police headquarters.

And then there was the scandal rag story about “Fidel Castro’s All-Girl Firing Squads.”

Not to mention the small-town newspaper editor who made off with the local Little League baseball team’s funds.

It’s all in the book, and more. Such as why I bit Eddie Wagner. (Eddie who? You’ll find out.) And how, as a small boy, I gave a grownup woman “leg cancer.” And how my mother terrified me with what she insisted were the unbearably awful career consequences of getting a woman pregnant.

Imagine someone like the hero of Portnoy’s Complaint dropped into a raffish crowd of aggressive reporters from The Front Page and you’ve got an idea of the madness and excitement you’re about to encounter in HEIRESS STRANGLED IN MOLTEN CHOCOLATE AT NAZI SEX ORGY! ­– A MEMOIR.

It’s one of those rare crazy-but-true stories that will make you chuckle. Or snigger. Or giggle. Or…who knows? You might even enjoy a few belly laughs.

And starting in October, it’ll be available on Amazon and other e-book websites.

Hang in there. It’s coming soon.


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