“HEIRESS STRANGLED” gets five 5-star reviews from other authors

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October 15, 2012 by peterhochstein

Looks as if the e-book HEIRESS STRANGLED IN MOLTEN CHOCOLATE AT NAZI SEX ORGY! A MEMOIR by Peter Hochstein is keeping ’em rolling in the aisles.

You can order this very entertaining e-book here at Amazon.com or here at Smashwords.com. But what’s in it for you? A rollicking good time, according to those who’ve read it.

At the Amazon.com website, where customers are asked to review the book, all five of the book’s five reviewers to date have given it five stars and all of them think Hochstein’s autobiographical book will keep you more than agreeably entertained.

“Hilarious and bittersweet,” says Jane Maas, best-selling author of “Madwomen.”

Bruce Silverman, author of the book “How To Complain For Fun and Profit” accuses Hochstein of having a “very funny brain,” and adds that the book was “fun, extraordinarily involving (I couldn’t stop reading it once I started) and insightful about the realities of life to boot.”

Jay Heyman, author of “All You Need Is A Good Idea,” said of the book, “It’s funny, irreverent, unexpected, and very funny (worth repeating).” Although Heyman couldn’t bring himself to believe all the tales told by Hochstein are true (although they are) Heyman still declared, “You’ll be too busy laughing to fact check.” But Jay, honestly! If you do fact check, you’ll find the facts check out. And since much of the book is about stories that were once in the news, you’ll find confirming the facts is actually pretty easy.

“Peter’s look back at his beginnings is entertaining, informative and a good read,” said noted author of crime novels Lawrence Block, whose books include “All The Flower Are Dying,” “Small Town,” “A Stab In The Dark” “The Burglar On The Prowl,” and many others.

And then somebody named “Buce” (who we hear on good authority is a retired law professor with a published legal tome about bankruptcy, declared while in full academic mode, “amidst the cacophany of elegiasts for prelapsrian Manhattan (=before John Lindsay), I’d say Peter finds his own voice. He’s got a strong memory, an enduring affection for his old friends (and relatives); also an eye (and ear) for Boschian absurdities. Best, he’s got what may be the most precious gift in a memoirist, an endearing streak of self-deflation…”

Keep yourself entertained for hours while you watch the author self-deflate. Order HEIRESS STRANGLED IN MOLTEN CHOCOLATE AT NAZI SEX ORGY! A MEMOIR here at Amazon.com or here at Smashwords.com


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