Gael Greene before she went to restaurants for a living

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November 20, 2012 by peterhochstein

So back in my New York Post days, I grabbed a desk to write a story one afternoon, and sitting next to me was a hotshot feature writer named Gael Greene. Yes, the very same one who eventually became the restaurant critic, perpetually “camoflaged” with a big floppy hat.

She was bashing away at a typewriter, right-handed. She held her left arm straight out, her hand bent at the wrist.

“Gael, Gael, what the hell are you doing?” I asked her.

“I’m writing a story,” she replied.

“Yeah, I can see that. But what’s with using only the right hand? And why are you holding your left hand out in that funny way?”

“I’m drying my nail polish,” she said.

This is one little nugget that I left out of my e-memoir, HEIRESS STRANGLED IN MOLTEN CHOCOLATE AT NAZI SEX ORGY! A MEMOIR.” But there are oodles more in the book. So if you haven’t ordered it at or, now’s your chance.

Well. don’t just sit there! Go to now!


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